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Shopping in Israel

All the prices of products, accessories, and food items must be printed in price labels that have to be attached to every single product, the prices must be in NIS             
All electronic products have a
one-year warranty.


Most shops and restaurants will accept credit cards,

you don’t need to enter your pin code,

in Israel the method is different. The law is that you are

eligible to request a pitch of water any the time during your meal.

In Israel, as a rule, you can order your meal and pay before leaving the restaurant, it is the waiter responsibility to calculate how much you need to pay, it is upon your discretion

whether to give a tip to the waiter. 

Smoking is prohibited in bus stops, train stations, restaurants, cinemas, malls, except for certain bars and places where there is a sign that indicates that smoking is allowed.

Menswear Shop

Cancellations procedures

The time frame for canceling reservations for hotel, for tour guide or any other tourism service is 14 days from the day you receive your receipt, but you can’t cancel this reservation if the service is due to be delivered in the next seven days (Saturdays aren't counted)
You are eligible to receive all of your money except of 5% or 100 NIS (the lowest number will be applied) if you cancel the purchase within two days if you bought clothes and shoes, and within 14 days if you purchased electronic devices.


Transportation in Israel

Bus service and train


Bus service and train

The price of public transportation (bus and train) fixes all over the country, different fares will apply for every region


The price of a daily-free bus ticket in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv is 13.5 NIS, combined daily free pass ticket bus+ train in Tel Aviv city and suburbs' cost is 21.5 NIS, and daily free pass in all means of transportation in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will cost 32.5 NIS


When you arrive at Israel you need to buy Rav-Kav digital card.


You can top your Rav-Kav in machines that are located in train stations or

next to bus stops, using an app, in certain shops or in certain ATMs You can’t pay in cash for a single ticket in most of the inner-cities buses, you can only buy a daily pass ticket.


Every time at the moment you get into the bus you must validate your Rav-Kav digital card.


In Jerusalem, you can buy a ticket in the machines for the light-rail ride, don’t forget to validate the


printed ticket or the Rav-Kav

Yellow Cabs


All authorized private taxis are in white with yellow hat and the word taxi in Hebrew, legal taxis will have a serial number on the side of the car, public taxis are in yellow 

(Monit Sheru't in Hebrew)

The majority of taxis drivers will accept payment by credit card, pubic taxis accept cash only. 

The minimum tariff of every ride in a taxi is 12 NIS, the taximeter price that you will pay for a ride you will take every day of the week (except Saturday) from  5:30-21:00 is

0.3 NIS for every 11 seconds.

 Pay attention that if you take a ride during the night from 21:00 the price will rise by 25%, this tariff apply also to taxi rides that are ordered between Friday

17:00 to Sunday at 5:30.

Inter-city trips' prices are under government supervision.

Always ask from the taxi driver at the first moment of the ride to activate the taximeter (Mone in Hebrew)

Opening Car Door

Car rental

To be eligible to rent a car in Israel you need to be 21 years old and your driver license must be valid for the last two years at least. An additional fee in the amount of 39$ will be applied if you take/or drop your car


from\at Ben Gurion Airport.


Aviation- Passenger rights

Generally, all rules of EU Resolution 261/2004 are in effect for flights that take off from EU airports to

Ben Gurion airport.


Minor changes will take place if you take your flight with no- EU or Israel-owned airlines, in this case, and only if the delays happened in Ben Gurion Airport the Israeli law will apply and the European legislation is not applicable.


If your flight was delayed more than 8 hours you can claim a refund of 293 Euros if your flight is for

a distance of 2000 km.


 If your flight is for the distance between 2000-4500 km, your flight was delayed more than 8 hours then you can claim a refund of 468 Euro.


Hotels and tour


Additional information

Apparently, some businesses in Israel gave tourists price lists of their products translated into English and converted in Dollars and Euros. The authorities in Israel suspect that the prices in these prices’ lists are higher than the amount in which this product will be sold in NIS. We recommend that whenever the business gives you a price list where the prices are not in NIS, ask from the business owner to show you the price list in NIS and compare the prices, or ask an Israeli who pass near-by to help you.


Medical emergency- 101

Fire department- 102

Swimming Pool

Hotels and car rentals are allowed to ask tourists to pay the cost of certain products in foreign currency with VAT excluded as tourists are exempted from paying VAT.

The cost of a full day trip with a tour guide is $240.

Saturday in Israel

All public transportation: bus service and train don’t operate from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

Most of the shops in Jerusalem are closed during Saturday


*It is better to check with the business when they are open on Saturday.


Tourism protection


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